Having an attitutde of Famous People with Mental Illness


Famous people with mental Illness

Welcome to the Club of most Successful People !


In my earlier post blessings of mental illness I talked about how people with mental illness have made an impact on this world of so called ‘Normal’ people. Something that appear to be a curse can become a blessing just by the change of our perspective i.e. focus shift from weakness to the hidden power and true potential. Being a mental patient, I have two choices:  To live entire life as a patient or to succeed and be an inspiring example like a Warrior. I choose the latter.



Decisions made in Mania

Mania brings uncontrollable energy in bipolar which at times make him psychotic. It’s not just about being much talkative or impulsive but some of the manic traits raise concerns for him and others who are somewhat associated with the patient like doctor, family and others who know about his disease. Six sense or we can call it the intuitive energy is possessed by every person, though it depends who follow his heart’s voice. Most of the people living in materialistic society keep distance with their real selves. They don’t spend time with them thus fail to listen the voice within. However, few lucky ones pay attention to their inner voice and follow the intuition.

Mania makes bipolar intuitive to a level that could make him crazy and others too if he shares what he senses, feels, sees, listens or thinks. His thoughts follow the signs and the set pattern in which the events are taking place around him. Those signs are always present in the environment but manic can better Notice and Feel those signs and have urge to follow them.

On the basis of his intuition, bipolar tends to make decisions that raise concerns for him and others too. These decisions could be about his education, career or relationship. Normal people regard these decisions as impulsive and seasonable and part of the manic episode. My psychiatrist told me not to take any decision in this phase. But when I saw my history, I made some very important decisions in past (even before my diagnosis as bipolar but already had disease symptoms) which later on proved to be the best decisions of my life. Even before my diagnosis, I had been very impulsive and intuitive. Today I could regard my intuition as the product of mania but that time I didn’t know anything about bipolar or any other mental illness.

No matter what my doctor says, based on signs that prove them to be true and thoughts that resulted due to those signs, I can not regard my intuition to be illusive. I believe this disease is given by Almighty God and there must be some reason behind it. If you see something, it’s there. If you feel something, It exists. This is the phenomenon of life and events that take place.

Veronica Decides to Die


Veronica Decides to Die

I just finished reading a Paulo Coelho’s book “Veronika Decides to Die” yesterday. The author beautifully told a story of a young 24 year old girl, Veronika; who was pretty, had a steady job, boyfriends, loving parents, thus everything that one could wish for to be happy. But she was not happy and she didn’t know why. Failing to recognize the reason for unhappiness, she decided to die and took over dose of sleeping pills. She was taken to hospital – rather a mental hospital where she was told that she was suffering from a cardiac disease and just had a week more to live. That was her life changing moment. She took pills because she wanted to die at once but now she had to live for six or seven more days and she knew that waiting for death is more painful than actual death.

She was given sedatives and other drugs via injections so initially she could not retain her consciousness for very long. She met with few people in asylum – Villete: Zedka who was suffering from depression, Mari, who was a lawyer, had panic attacks which Doc Igor referred as ‘fear’ and finally Eduard – the schizophrenic with whom Veronika fell in eternal love later on.
She met with Zedka and asked “what is mad”. Zedka explained her that mad person is the one who is different from others. He tends to deviate from the set norms or so called practices of society. Because most of us don’t have courage to act differently, therefore we don’t accept change. She gave examples of great scientists like Albert Einstein and Newton and philosophers who discovered hidden truth about life and this world. They were not the normal people. They were extra ordinary and thus changed the world from their knowledge. Zedka made sense to Veronika and she thought she should not have been admitted into mental hospital.
Veronika started feeling dull and lost interest in life, in fact few remaining days of life. She wanted to die but she didn’t know how to materialize her wish in a mental hospital where she was kept under observation all the time. She had enough time to think about her past. What she had and what she did in these twenty four years of life. Her past flashed back into her mind. She did a good university degree in law but ended up doing a job as librarian. She spent half of her life in eating sandwiches as a part of her set routine. Got back from work, rush into the bar, then to lover’s bed and finally hit her bed to sleep. She didn’t want to sleep in someone else’s bed. She was following this routine since long and thus left charm in life. She was scared of trying new exciting things. She probably didn’t know how to add colors to her life. At Villete, she tried few new things, like slapping to a Fraternity member was something she never thought of doing in public. She began playing piano. It was something she always wanted to do but couldn’t make it. There, she met with Eduard – schizophrenic who was living in his own world with a ‘Vision of Paradise’ in mind. He didn’t talk to Veronika but always asked her to play pianao in moonlight. Veronika started enjoying doing it for somebody she didn’t know.
At last, they both fell in love. Eduard told her his story what brought him into Villete. He wanted to be a painter but his family wanted him to pursue a career as diplomat. He indulged himself in abstract painting and envisioned to create a series of “Vision of Paradise”. His parents were frightened of losing him and he thought he had discovered himself. Upon negating his passion on the wish of his parents, he lost the interest in ‘real’ world and went into a ‘virtual’ world of his own imagination. When he was brought into Villete, he was diagnosed as mild schizophrenia.
Veronika was getting passionate about Eduard and frightened to lose everything soon. Because she was dying and it was her own wish.  Now she had just 24 more hours to live. She decided to make most of her every moment. She told Dr Igor that she wanted to go out and do things which she never did. She wanted to tell her mother that she love her. She wanted to explore the world. But now it was too late.
Same day Eduard and Veronika escaped from the Villete. They went to the most expensive restaurant, got drunk and started talking non sense. They laughed out loud and the restaurant manager had to ask them to leave without clearing the bills. They went to the castle at the top of hill and Vernokia asked him to paint herself after her death. She made him promise that he would continue painting because this is his passion.
Veronika didn’t die.
Dr Igor was successful in controlling Vitriol (Bitterness) in Veronika. He created ‘awareness of living’ by creating ‘awareness of death’. And it worked in case of Veronika. She had every reason to be happy but she tried to commit suicide. She could change her life by doing what she actually wanted. If she could please herself rather than pleasing others she might not have thought about taking her life. Interestingly, now when she knew she is alive only for few days, she got enough time to visualize and evaluate her past and look at the mistakes she did or the mistakes she never did. She had encountered the love of life at the most crucial stage. This is point when she realized that life is worth living.

Defeating the Disease

This is very obvious that people with mental illness face more challenges in life than normal people. As I wrote in my earlier post that life does feed with golden spoon to some people while others have to struggle every moment to sustain their existence. Every day is a new challenge. They do not avail privilege to walk on smooth road; more often they find themselves stuck at some roundabout where they may see opportunities but could not gather enough confidence to pursue them. Life brings options to all but not everyone could avail them.

If I would not have been diagnosed with Bipolar, I might have shared sympathies with people suffering from mental illnesses. I would have felt pity on their destiny and thought life did not do justice to them. I would have thanked God that I’m living a normal life with a tendency to earn as much as I can, to marry the prettiest girl and have beautiful kids.

I’m Bipolar and I still thank God that He created me different and He loves me more that’s why He is testing my patience level. He gave me a tender heart to feel the pain of suffering and an ability to share my experiences with my unknown online friends, in a hope I could heal their wounds a bit. What I’m writing today may not appear as the genuine voice of a mental patient. I went through a great painful set of experiences and tasted quite bitter flavors of depression and fear. Alhumdolillah my every depression cycle ends with a new positive energy and determination to change my destiny. My disease is one of the strongest part of my personality that has been affecting my personal, academic and professional life. But still it’s a Part. It neither defines my personality nor decides my future. I know I will have to carry this disease with entire life but it has to get along with me on my terms.