Having an attitutde of Famous People with Mental Illness


Famous people with mental Illness

Welcome to the Club of most Successful People !


In my earlier post blessings of mental illness I talked about how people with mental illness have made an impact on this world of so called ‘Normal’ people. Something that appear to be a curse can become a blessing just by the change of our perspective i.e. focus shift from weakness to the hidden power and true potential. Being a mental patient, I have two choices:  To live entire life as a patient or to succeed and be an inspiring example like a Warrior. I choose the latter.



Blessings of Mental Illness

The word ‘Disorder’ or ‘Disease’ contains enough negativity for someone (patient to be precise), to curse and consider him as the most unfortunate among his peers. And if it’s some kind of mental illness, then the social stigma would make the situation worse for the sufferer. Ironically, a cancer patient is often capable for gaining public sympathy vote and wishes but a mental patient doesn’t enjoy that privilege. By saying this, I don’t mean that someone going through a psychological problem, needs ‘Public Sympathy’. Not at all. Because this sympathy and extra-attention makes the life of sufferer miserable. S/he thinks that he is no more a human and people including family or friends who know about the disease, alienate the person by behaving and treating differently.

Blessings of Mental Illness

Blessings of Mental Illness

The mental illness is perceived as something very bad and fatal happened to a person, nothing can be done now… he will be on medications for the entire life, and financially dependent on family etc. That’s how the society generally sketches the lifestyle of a mental patient. I would not go in further details as how life-long body diseases like diabetes (pancreatic disorder), Blood pressure/Hypertension and other cardiac diseases, most of the skin diseases and allergies etc and on other hand the mental illnesses are perceived with high level of discrimination and prejudice among people. Because this is what we already knew.

Have you ever noticed that any of the bodily disease, like as I mentioned above, (diseases other than mental illness) come up with some natural gifts or talents? Like Do you know any heart patient or diabetic who achieved something in their life with the help of their illness? I’m sure, Never. But, we know several famous people who achieved something big in their lives by using gifts of their mental illnesses and today the world is using their work and wisdom.

As the the mental illness is the product of brain, so what people call ‘brain disorder’ or ‘disturbance in brain chemicals’ etc often enhances the mind power of the sufferer. S/he can feel and empathize with greater intensity. Most of such people are highly sensitive, caring and emotional. They have exceptional creative and imaginative tendencies. They see the world in a different manner. They are idealist and dreamers. People call them impulsive because they have their standards for decency, honesty and truth. They don’t compromise on their values just for some materialistic benefits. They feel the pain of others, that’s the reason, they are great friends, secret keepers and counselors, They are passionate for what they love. They are true to themselves and sometimes get very expressive that’s why often misunderstood for being insane and impulsive. They value relationships and go beyond limits to make their loved ones happy, for which they are labelled as possessive and demanding. They are not hypocrite who wear different masks and have several identities. They don’t manipulate or misuse others. They are simple and have beautiful thoughts..

.. and finally, they are not attention seekers. They just want acceptance in family, friends, and society as a human being instead of being known as a Mental Patient.

In my next post, Insha Allah I will write about different famous people: scientists, celebrities, writers, painters, philanthropists who were/are mental patients but they are NOT known as Mental Patient. The world witness and acknowledge them in far better and successful titles. (In the meanwhile, if you’re impatient and excited to know them, just search on Google)

Just remember, seeking acceptance from the society comes later. First ACCEPT YOURSELF as Human Being. Your disease doesn’t define you. It’s a part of your life NOT the center.


Blessings be upon you.