Finding Fun in Walking


Walking is an effective catharsis and stress relieving therapy. When I used to get out of home with an intention of ‘walking’ as an exercise to reduce/maintain weight (as weight management is one of the most important and painful issues of people with mental problems due to weight gaining tendency by antipsychotic drugs), so I could never motivate myself to step out of home. It seems  like a big issue and I am sure it is a common problem with most of the people who wish and plan to walk for weight reduction. But I adapted a different strategy which is, making my mind to go out and roam around what’s going on there outside my house. Going to the same park daily is of course boring, so I decided to roam and wander on different streets (without my phone and cash, because there is an increased street crime and snatching here). I feel so relaxed without my belongings. Because belongings weigh you down. That’s my experience. Anyway, now I go outside almost daily, with different intentions, sometimes to shop grocery (as I don’t drive because of medical condition so I have to walk) or sometimes to pray in mosque that is far from my house, this is what actually happened today. I walked for Esha prayer in a mosque which is very far from my area, and it was not only praying of course, it also burned my calories. 🙂

So my advice to all of you, especially those who can’t motivate themselves to jog or join gym (because you can’t be regular with gym, that’s my own experience). Go out, just to roam around, watch people, say Hi Hello or in our culture we say Assalam O Alikum, to elder people, they feel happy, you may see smiling kids on streets, you can do some charity too, believe me, such small acts make you feel so contented. and your self esteem raises high, what else do you want? Exercise+Entertainment+Observation+Boost in self-esteem+Weight  management = all in one package !! 🙂


Rayan Ahmed

(P.S. who regularly follow my blog can see the difference in my tone from the last few posts, from depression, i became happy and excited, but for a Bipolar it’s not good to be over excited, so I need to control my happiness too 😉


Passion isn’t enough


Honesty of intentions,

And passion towards goal

To make a difference,

By playing your role

I tell you today,

Passion & honesty isn’t enough

To succeed in life

So what if you’ve potential

No wonder you’re sincere

I agree you want to contribute

And make your own identity

But my dear friend,

Don’t overlook the reality

You’ve a medical condition

That will always hinder your way

Towards your goal & success in life

It’s a lifelong struggle

It will pull you back


You take a step forward

You will be hurt bad

It’s sweet to think high

But my innocent friend,

Hope isn’t enough

To take you to sky

~ Rayan Ahmed ~

Inevitable Trial


 I know there is light inside me

But every time I fail to find some

All I see is overwhelming darkness

In the form of tangled thoughts

Chaotic passions & disgusted cravings

They say, all you need is a little push

a change of perspective maybe,

I wonder if I could ever change,

My haunting thoughts

Chasing me all over, repeatedly

I wonder if I could buy new desires

Some ‘decent’ and ‘acceptable’ ones

In this market of high principles,

I wonder if I could control the tides of storm,

Throwing me out into the dirty seashore

Awaking me from the beautiful dream,

Where I don’t have to please anyone,

And justify my impulsive emotions,

 I heard that life is worth living.

But when you feel worthless,

It appears to be an excess baggage,

 Weigh you down every passing moment.

And your greatest struggle is to Survive,

Each moment, from every emerging thought.


Having an attitutde of Famous People with Mental Illness


Famous people with mental Illness

Welcome to the Club of most Successful People !


In my earlier post blessings of mental illness I talked about how people with mental illness have made an impact on this world of so called ‘Normal’ people. Something that appear to be a curse can become a blessing just by the change of our perspective i.e. focus shift from weakness to the hidden power and true potential. Being a mental patient, I have two choices:  To live entire life as a patient or to succeed and be an inspiring example like a Warrior. I choose the latter.


First Day After Depression Ends

Bipolar sufferers know the importance of day when they realize they are retaining back their energy and having a mood elevation. They soon get aware of this when they suddenly take a new photo from mobile to upload on Facebook or they start listening fast tracks and dance numbers. Interestingly, these are the very next moments after the severe depression attacks when you completely lost interest in life and even get suicidal thoughts. everything seems meaningless and you see no options in life. This is the beauty of bipolar that sets it apart from regular depression.

When bipolar depression ends it makes life so beautiful and you start flying in sky despite knowing that your problems are still there. You resume your leisure interests like writers start writing and painters give colors to their dark paintings. Shadows of disappointments fade away and bright rainbow appears in your mind and thoughts. It gives you a meaning and new motivation to life. You set new goals and make resolutions. You feel blessed and thank God. Everything seems so beautiful however everything is just same as that in your depression phase. Its just that your dark glasses of disappointment are now replaced with colorful bright lenses that show your world awesome.