Gay Rights Demand Homosexual Dignity

Honor is a Gentleman's trait.

Honor is a Gentleman’s trait.

I wish we would be as willing to warmly regard and express our inner beauty and kindness as we feel free to reveal our bodies to strangers. I feel deep sorrow while scrolling profile images on social networking site/app. There are several people contented to display their full or half naked seductive body pictures. I realize they are normal, decent and educated people like me in their real lives. They carry a sober and sophisticated image in their respective social circle. Then why that dignified image is not carried or accepted on gay social networking sites? Why does a person need to put his personal or a fake arousing photo to catch the attention of public? A person is a lot more than his physical body stats, his size and his role in bed. We act quite decently in real life; have a family, regular friends to hang around, colleagues to work with, hence a complete social life, where we act as a human being not gay or straight. People know us and accept us with our good and bad.

The reason for acting seductive on social sites is quite obvious. Most of us go there when in need of quick sex commonly known as a hook up. Who would want to go through the hassle of knowing the person when the superficial contact is merely meant to last for few hours or a night at the most?

I do not judge them for their actions. They have chosen a different fashion to spend life and fulfill desires. I just feel disgusted because I’m also a part of the community. I visit the site in hope to get a good company. I don’t even deny my sexual desires. But when I look at those hungry faces and greedy gestures, I truly feel embarrassed of myself. Every human being irrespective of his dynamics and background is equally respectful. No one can deny the existence of body needs and biological desires. But their pursuit shouldn’t be materialized on the cost of the human dignity and self-worth. There must be other appropriate ways to attract partner, which don’t compel us to put our naked bodies on the market shelves.

Ironically, we carry two public profiles: a decent one for real world and other slutty one for an apparently ‘fake’ community (which is in fact our real identity). Aren’t they reflecting our dual standards and hypocrisy? We can deceive anyone by our smartness but cannot lie to our conscience – the most honest accountability of the self.

Today, when there is a worldwide movement launched for gay rights and equal acceptance, it’s high time to rethink and critically analyze our practices. If we want our place in society with honor, we should take responsibility for our personal as well as sexual observance and display the conduct to prove that homosexuals are not different from straight people. We are not defined by our sexual desires. We also follow principles of morality. We regard ourselves and our fellow men with high esteem. And above all, homosexuality is a part of our personality, much higher than that, we are equal human beings.


Charismatic Virtual Relationships

Shallow Emotions Evaporate.

Shallow Emotions Evaporate.

There is a mysterious charm in meeting a stranger online who apparently appears to be of your type. That excitement cannot be described in bare words. We spend hours in talking – asking all those old questions that we keep inquiring new people we meet. It’s truly an awesome experience to know his likes and dislikes. What’s most stimulating is that you don’t have to push the conversation. Everything seems to be flowing like an untamed river. Things seem to be occurring very smoothly in a progressive way.  You feel more motivated if the person appeals you physically as well. In fact if you started talking without seeing the picture (which some people commonly do who believe more in chemistry than mere outer appearance)and later get interested, you become more cautious and concerned about physical attraction from both sides. Therefore, it’s a moment of big relief and celebration if the person appears to be attractive for you and vice versa. You found a dream combination of physical attraction and mental compatibility. What else do you need to pause your search and investing your time and energy to explore prospects and opportunities between you and him?

But we don’t usually wait till that moment. The charm that brought a stirring meaning to talk and know the person fades away with time. We get ‘used to’ of it and the virtual relationship started with a spark is going to end with a casual mundane activity. No more exhilaration left to keep the flame of intimacy burning.

Why does it happen? Why things don’t remain the same between the same people. Is it because we start taking the person for granted? Or our ‘ideal’ in mind keeps us looking for more options to explore. We may also curse internet for providing never-ending opportunities to look for new people. So, obviously sticking with one person would demand too much loyalty. Or we simply don’t want to settle down with one person whatsoever.

Did you ever experience that things appear enchanted in the beginning and lose their magic when we accomplish them?  Why do distant objects seemed unattainable tempt us more? Why the journey towards goal is more sensational than the goal itself? Maybe we always want to keep moving around the shadow of our dream ideals. The shadow, which requires light of attractive people for its survival in the darkness of our never-ending desires.


What If..

I like guys. No, I don’t like guys.. But that one I saw in store was cute.. No, its just that he was good looking and straight people also like and appreciate beauty of same sex. God, why can’t I stop thinking about Barbier, he is so nice, polite, he speaks good, dresses well, so confident. And I simply like spending time with him. and last time when we met, he showed me his apartment, his room was a bit messed up but that’s ok. Room of bachelor guys is of that kind. Wait, I started liking girls. I get arousal by thinking of cute, pretty, thin delicate girl. It’s so positive that I started liking girls. Now I could marry if I find a girl of such specs in real world. Oh, I forgot I’m a Bipolar too. Would she be able to tolerate my crazy mood swings? Would she try to accommodate with my illness. What if I have cravings for a guy and same night, she needs a passionate sex. I don’t know. Seriously I don’t.

Obsession with Straight Friends


Obsession with Straight Friends

I want to make a confession here, I am obsessed with a straight friend who was my ex-colleague as well. His name is Beirber. It’s not the first time I’m obsessed with any straight friend but this time this infatuation/obsession is more intense. I can’t stop thinking about him. I smile remembering good moments with him at my last job. He was senior when I joined and worked in brand management. We attended a training course together, and I started liking him. Then we became friends and he used to come to my desk and we started talking almost every day in fact on Facebook and Skype too. We shared some secrets and life goals with each other. This companionship lasted for 3-4 months then we both left the company.

We have been in contact on Facebook but never met again or talked for a long time. I just jump into his photo albums to see his latest pictures.

There’s not any sexual thing involved but I like thinking about him. In fact he has all qualities I would see in my boy friend: looks, career, attitude and decency. These traits make a rare combination in gay people. Most of the gay men are metro-sexual who take good care of their appearance and body. But decency and sincerity are rare to find in gay community. We should not ignore the minority of decent gays but unfortunately, majority of gay people are more attracted towards quick sex and always ready to get laid rather struggling for a companionship or relationship.

That’s the reason, people who are interested in monogamy and serious long term, often get attracted towards their straight friends. They see a reflection of their ideal in best friend. When a friend brings a gift and offers you a dinner treat, you get too excited and undertake extra preparations for the occasion. You give true compliments on your friend’s achievement and sincere advice and moral support when he needs, that brings him closer to you. He thinks you’re his best friend and shares his relationship stories and you have no option than listening and pretending you’re so interested in his relationship.

Homosexuality and SEX – Yet another perspective !!


Gay doesn’t mean Ready-for-Sex

This is my first post on Homosexuality on this blog. I wanted to write about it before but was preoccupied with my bipolar mood fluctuations. By now, you must know I’m a bipolar Homosexual, living with two taboos in a conservative society where such people have to fight for their acceptance and rights. I don’t fall in this category because I didn’t disclose my identity. We are living in a modern world where we are exposed to changing values and perception shift. Disease like Bipolar or people belonging to different sexual orientations and preferences were always present in all times even in primitive societies as it’s about human biology and psychology. What keeps on changing is attitude of people who are subjects and objects of these taboos. Today, I see many non-profit organizations are working to raise awareness regarding mental illnesses and buying votes of sympathy for mental patients. Similarly modern societies are debating about gay rights and marriages equal to that of straight people.

Since, I could just read it on internet, I decided to write about these two things and to present my perspective, in this way created Bipolar Homosexuality (BPH).

I like to read about my disease and sexuality so that I could know myself better and at the same time express my learning and experiences to help others. There is a plenty of reading material and researches available online regarding Bipolar but unfortunately when I type keywords like Homosexuality and Gay, nude photos and dating sites appear more than the reading material. There are sites like American Psychological Association that have excellent reference material on Homosexuality.

Then there are a number of gay forums like Manjam that are more of Hook Up sites rather gay socializing. Forums like Gay Speak are doing well to provide socialization and emotional support to gay community.

It’s very unfortunate that being gay is often associated with Sex. I believe, Gay is as ‘normal’ as straight who eats, drinks, works, hang out and enjoys everything  like a straight man or woman. The only difference is about sexual preferences. Why can’t two gay men just meet over coffee or plan for a movie or dinner. Similarly, gay men can discuss a character from any book or they could even talk about politics. Why does being gay mean always-ready-for-bed. I heard gay people are more horny than straights. CRAP.

What made me write this article now is search for nice interesting boards on Pinterest I got interesting pins about Bipolar but when I put Homosexuality, nude photos appeared on my screen.

Food for thought: I just wonder if two gay men could share bed without having sex.