Escape from Haunting Thoughts

OverThinking Kills Inner Peace

OverThinking Kills Inner Peace

I think a significant part of people living with bipolar disorder is spent in thinking, rethinking, rejecting the previous thought, accepting another, deciding on one thing, have a firm conviction and finally doing something impulsive and undecided. And then going back on what has already done, analyzing so many different dimensions of the event that may not ever exist, anticipating the overestimated consequences and spending several hours thinking about the alternative responses that could possibly refrain the situation to happen.

It would not be totally incorrect if I say that people with bipolar illness spend more time with themselves, struggling with the never-ending battle of their thoughts. Any family member would generally refer the usual silence of a bipolar as ‘down’ or ‘low’ mood but it is likely that there is a muddled curry being cooked in his mind. People who do not have bipolar also spend time alone figuring out stuff and settling down disturbing thoughts or routine stress. But in case of Bipolar, the usual thinking that is initiated with an intention to ‘figure out’ the matter often leads to more tangled thought process making the ‘thinker’ anxious to solve the ‘mystery’ which is becoming more intricate as the time goes.

This restless situation can be avoided by a simple yet effective solution. Whenever you get stuck in such state, just try not to move with the flow of chaotic thoughts. It is certainly not easy to manipulate your mind when it is vigorously engaged in processing. The convenient way to do so is a simple withdrawal. Get yourself out from the current mental state by changing your physical dynamics. Best way is to go out for a walk, the new environment will help you distract from your haunting thoughts. You can also pursue your favorite leisure activity. Gardener can find a refuge in the foliage of plants and their colorful blossom. Reader can be lost in mesmeric book written by his favorite author. People who are fond of visual creativity, can just log on to Pinterest and explore new creative art pieces that would take them into a magical world of imagination.

We must develop skills to manipulate our mind in order to escape from lingering thoughts. And we always have alternatives to do so by putting a little effort. Keep reminding it to yourself.

Blessings be upon You.



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