Inevitable Trial


 I know there is light inside me

But every time I fail to find some

All I see is overwhelming darkness

In the form of tangled thoughts

Chaotic passions & disgusted cravings

They say, all you need is a little push

a change of perspective maybe,

I wonder if I could ever change,

My haunting thoughts

Chasing me all over, repeatedly

I wonder if I could buy new desires

Some ‘decent’ and ‘acceptable’ ones

In this market of high principles,

I wonder if I could control the tides of storm,

Throwing me out into the dirty seashore

Awaking me from the beautiful dream,

Where I don’t have to please anyone,

And justify my impulsive emotions,

 I heard that life is worth living.

But when you feel worthless,

It appears to be an excess baggage,

 Weigh you down every passing moment.

And your greatest struggle is to Survive,

Each moment, from every emerging thought.



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