Experience of having Pets..

Humans have an edge over all the living creatures because they can think and communicate with each other in a distinct and proper way. Oh yes, they claim to be cultured and civilized as well. Sometimes, such qualities like thinking and speaking result in offending and hurting other fellows. In this scenario, animals have an edge over human beings. They can’t think or speak like humans do but they have feelings and emotions and most of all loyalty and sincerity that is quite rare in us as civilized creatures.

Having a pet can potentially be helpful in stabilizing your mood. Its a great hobby to enjoy your time but with an equal responsibility. Good thing about animals is that they love unconditionally and don’t expect much in return unlike humans. They are not very clever to conspire. They don’t have an ego problem. They recognize their owner and love him for the attention and care that he provides them.

I think one of the main reasons that make animals nicer than human beings is lack of awareness and indulgence in money-cycle. Although, they are bought and sold by human beings but don’t know their monetary value. For instance, an elephant would never be able to know the value of his teeth that sometimes cost his life.

If you’re depress or feel lonely, I would advice you to keep a pet that you can take care of. Animals have their rights and when we keep them at home, they depend for their necessities on us. I have recently, bought an aquarium and decorated it with colorful gravels, fish home, bubble-shower. When I see my goldfish swimming in water, and playing with each other, I spend hours watching them and reading articles on goldfish care online. It’s better than seeking a company to talk and expecting people to entertain me.

Its always good to keep you occupied and doing something that reduces your stress level and keep you calm.

Try it and tell me if you feel any change đŸ™‚

Stay Blessed.


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