Something somewhere is missing

We often feel emptiness inside us despite having all materialistic goods. We have food to eat not only this, we often go out for dining and spend huge amounts in expensive restaurants. We are eager to enter big malls for shopping branded outfits and shoes. These days, its a common trend to keep latest gadgets and keep busy playing with smartphones in buses, trains or family dinner table. We study to get a good job, earn to buy every luxury that could make our lives comfortable. But sadly material goods can never buy happiness or inner gratification.

Happiness is within so we shouldn’t look for it in outer world. The real happiness is to explore our mind and establish peace with the soul. It is to believe in yourself and the divine power that is ruling this world. It is to explore our abilities and know the strengths that God has given us rather complaining what we do not have. There is no end point of desires. Fulfilling one wish gives birth to the other and it makes you ignore the countless blessings that you already have. Thanking God, parents, friends for being their with you and support you in good and bad times, give you true happiness. And complaining for things that you lack and your friends have, will make you sad and deprived and  by doing so you are actually wasting time that you could spend being happy. 

Life is precious so fill out the missing point by exploring yourself and doing what gives you true happiness. Praise God and praise good in others.


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