First Day After Depression Ends

Bipolar sufferers know the importance of day when they realize they are retaining back their energy and having a mood elevation. They soon get aware of this when they suddenly take a new photo from mobile to upload on Facebook or they start listening fast tracks and dance numbers. Interestingly, these are the very next moments after the severe depression attacks when you completely lost interest in life and even get suicidal thoughts. everything seems meaningless and you see no options in life. This is the beauty of bipolar that sets it apart from regular depression.

When bipolar depression ends it makes life so beautiful and you start flying in sky despite knowing that your problems are still there. You resume your leisure interests like writers start writing and painters give colors to their dark paintings. Shadows of disappointments fade away and bright rainbow appears in your mind and thoughts. It gives you a meaning and new motivation to life. You set new goals and make resolutions. You feel blessed and thank God. Everything seems so beautiful however everything is just same as that in your depression phase. Its just that your dark glasses of disappointment are now replaced with colorful bright lenses that show your world awesome.


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