Decisions made in Mania

Mania brings uncontrollable energy in bipolar which at times make him psychotic. It’s not just about being much talkative or impulsive but some of the manic traits raise concerns for him and others who are somewhat associated with the patient like doctor, family and others who know about his disease. Six sense or we can call it the intuitive energy is possessed by every person, though it depends who follow his heart’s voice. Most of the people living in materialistic society keep distance with their real selves. They don’t spend time with them thus fail to listen the voice within. However, few lucky ones pay attention to their inner voice and follow the intuition.

Mania makes bipolar intuitive to a level that could make him crazy and others too if he shares what he senses, feels, sees, listens or thinks. His thoughts follow the signs and the set pattern in which the events are taking place around him. Those signs are always present in the environment but manic can better Notice and Feel those signs and have urge to follow them.

On the basis of his intuition, bipolar tends to make decisions that raise concerns for him and others too. These decisions could be about his education, career or relationship. Normal people regard these decisions as impulsive and seasonable and part of the manic episode. My psychiatrist told me not to take any decision in this phase. But when I saw my history, I made some very important decisions in past (even before my diagnosis as bipolar but already had disease symptoms) which later on proved to be the best decisions of my life. Even before my diagnosis, I had been very impulsive and intuitive. Today I could regard my intuition as the product of mania but that time I didn’t know anything about bipolar or any other mental illness.

No matter what my doctor says, based on signs that prove them to be true and thoughts that resulted due to those signs, I can not regard my intuition to be illusive. I believe this disease is given by Almighty God and there must be some reason behind it. If you see something, it’s there. If you feel something, It exists. This is the phenomenon of life and events that take place.


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