When Bipolar tries to be Nice

Bipolar people are generally emotional and impulsive. At times, their sudden mood swings create problems for them and others who are related to them like family, friends, and colleagues. This has nothing to do with morality and conduct. If a normal person screams at his colleague, he might be mad at him regarding work related stuff which might be a genuine reason but if a bipolar start yelling and over react in the similar situation, it is more likely to understood and perceived as bipolar mood shift. It might be true that the mistake of colleague is not that serious and he over reacted and created fuss in office because he is a bipolar. But in this case too, the seriousness of mistake should not be judged on the basis of disease.

This was just an example. More such cases happen in our families on daily basis. Anger, sorrow, frustration, excitement, these all are common moods that are experienced by every ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ person on this planet. In fact this happens with animals too. But when a bipolar is having a specific mood due to some particular incidence or situation, it is perceived by family as medication disturbance and they force you to plan immediate visit to doctor.

In the same way, Bipolar doesn’t afford to be ‘nice’ at all. When you care about your family, give attention to friends, organize your wardrobe, help mom in kitchen, discuss politics with dad, visit grand ma on weekend, dress up nicely, and feel good about your life, this would ring alarming bells to your family and those you have come out to. Something must have gone wrong with the medication that’s why s/he is so happy and excited. Let’s visit doctor before the condition becomes psychotic.



  1. I totally agree with your comment.I feel like when I get up from the couch and am able to go outside and do something productive like weeding, it can be met with a certain level of ‘good to see you out in the sun’ underlying a thought of’when is she going to start digging a swimming pool sized hole?’ or when is the grass going to be cut with scissors? Like being happy can only go manic and my quiet contemplative times enjoying the birds chirping , can be a worry that I am slipping down into a depression and am depersonalised …I feel that I get asked often how I am, and that is nice but how does one answer that question minutes after swallowing the morning medications and 5 minutes out of a deep sleep, as you didnt sleep until 4.30am?

    • first of all i must appreciate your sense of expression 🙂 I believe bipolar is a disease where most of the time you feel and appear normal but others associate it with some bipolar mood like happy is manic and sad is depressed. A friend shared me that if you have highs and lows for more than 5 days it means your either episode is triggered. Being bipolar, I suspect myself for being happy and sad.

      • I wish I had episodes for that long! Since having reactions to lomotrigine , lithium and epilim, I now rapid cycle faster. Hourly changes, and the weirdest…minute changes the other day. I felt the change, physically, like some one had turned me into a toy and removed the batteries, or perhaps I was superman and exposed to a massive dose of kryptonite? hmm…fun , huh.
        I try to be honest these days or I simply avoid the public wearing sunglasses inside so I can hide my real feeling.Blame it on the bright lights, migraines(which is not always a lie) But I hate the small talk’ how are you’ ? I mean, If i was to be 100% honest, how long do you think they would take to run?

  2. Yes, and so true!!! We finally get a brief moment of happiness and like oursleves….don’t feel like a shameful mutant who will never find love for five minutes…. and we begin to feel good about ourselves… we want to enjoy the feeling and then we have two outcomes, either it’s the start of a mania or a reason for people around us to thing our meds are off…. HAHAHA it’s such a cosmic joke played on our lives…. your serious well written made me smile with recognition, confirmations and a cosmic chuckle too. Thanks.

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