Music could be a potential Bipolar Mood Trigger

Have you ever noticed the unique patterns of emotions and thoughts while listening to your favorite music? I’m sure you must have done that. If not yet, tune in to your favorite song as per your current mood and see the magic. Music has a great and crazy infuence on one’s mood. It raises and lowers down your energy level with every moving sound beat. That’s the reason, we could best understand lyrics of a sad song in Depression and relate each word with our own life story. Similarly, Disco, Rap, and Dance numbers could be best enjoyed in Mania and you feel high with tons of energy and willing to explode happily 🙂

I experienced the same but noticed an interesting and strange behavior while listening to songs appropriate and favorable to my Bipolar episode. Sad songs may heal hurt emotions of a depressed to an extend but it could make the depression episode more severe. In the same way, Happy and Fast music could act like the mania catalyst and make a drastic shift to your energy level to an extend of psychotic behavior.

 OK. Now try a new music therapy. Just plug in to the opposite music, like when you are depressed, listen to happy songs and think of good moments and when manic, play depressing songs to stabalize your mood.

It’s fun manipulating your mind. Keep playing with thoughts untill you could completely understand the mind functioning and easily handle mood fluctuations. I have learnt to live with my disease. It’s your turn now.

Best of Luck 🙂



  1. As much as I know music has an affect, I still tremble at the force that a song I hadn’t heard in years, that was never a regular part of my repertoire battered me with. It was ‘When the Levee Breaks’ by Led Zepplin, and something about the way it drove forward triggered something akin to a panic attack. Suffices to say I avoid it now.

  2. I am going to give that a try for sure! Music is something that moves me incredibly when I am in manic moods.I can’t listen to a whole cd though, or often even a whole song.I have to skip to my favourite parts. If you see the video posted on my blog called No more Drama. That song was simply a contestant on a show that my daughter and I watched together but once the singing reached a certain pitch or feeling..basically when he starts moving around the stage and taking his jacket off and saying No,no,no etc I am in a euphoria goosebumps all down my arms and back type of ting and could listen to that over and over.If I don;t have it on, I can repeat it in my head over and over all day.It is all part of my obsessing and wanting to keep that feeling close. So you might be right…I will try something sad and see what happens…

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