Defeating the Disease

This is very obvious that people with mental illness face more challenges in life than normal people. As I wrote in my earlier post that life does feed with golden spoon to some people while others have to struggle every moment to sustain their existence. Every day is a new challenge. They do not avail privilege to walk on smooth road; more often they find themselves stuck at some roundabout where they may see opportunities but could not gather enough confidence to pursue them. Life brings options to all but not everyone could avail them.

If I would not have been diagnosed with Bipolar, I might have shared sympathies with people suffering from mental illnesses. I would have felt pity on their destiny and thought life did not do justice to them. I would have thanked God that I’m living a normal life with a tendency to earn as much as I can, to marry the prettiest girl and have beautiful kids.

I’m Bipolar and I still thank God that He created me different and He loves me more that’s why He is testing my patience level. He gave me a tender heart to feel the pain of suffering and an ability to share my experiences with my unknown online friends, in a hope I could heal their wounds a bit. What I’m writing today may not appear as the genuine voice of a mental patient. I went through a great painful set of experiences and tasted quite bitter flavors of depression and fear. Alhumdolillah my every depression cycle ends with a new positive energy and determination to change my destiny. My disease is one of the strongest part of my personality that has been affecting my personal, academic and professional life. But still it’s a Part. It neither defines my personality nor decides my future. I know I will have to carry this disease with entire life but it has to get along with me on my terms.


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