Talking Less to Control the Mood


Talking Less to Control the Mood

Its always difficult to go against your nature because in that case you have to fight with yourself and the defeat actually determines your success. Our habits and lifestyle play a vital role in aggravating or healing the illness. For instance, eating excessive junk food could potentially result in obesity. Similarly, being too much emotional and responsive could be harmful for your mental health. At times, its better to let things go and move with the flow. People who take things lightly are happier than those who keep the events alive in memories. We often hear that its easy to forgive than forget. We ought to drag an argument at the point of conflict and try hard to win the debate. Apparently there is no harm in having a debate on topics of mutual interest but for a person suffering from a mental illness, it could be critical, mainly if the area of discussion has some connection with his present or past.

For instance, I become an active participant when having a discussion on social taboos like homosexuality, child abuse, women violence, morality, justice and human rights, because I could relate it in some way and get eager to express my views, At my side, I get over enthusiastic to change the mind set of people through my argument but on the other side, person who is listening to me doesn’t match with the same interest and energy. Result being, he forgets everything at the end of discussion and my job gets difficult to deal with my emotions and energy.

I realize that being too much emotional and impulsive is not a good personality trait. I could relate it to my disease. I’m practicing to be more rational and reasonable in argument. Also, talking less and to the point so that I can control my emotions while talking and do not let a plain conversation turn into a hot argument. I’m sure there must be bipolar people who are reserve and less talkative. But being bipolar when your emotions get out of control and any unpleasant or unexpected thing can trigger an extreme behavior, talking too much is not a good habit.

I do not know if I can get full or partial control on this habit but I’m happy that I have got this realization that this trait could be a potential agent for an extreme mood swing. Time will witness the result of this deliberate effort.


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