For Some People Life is actually Bed of Roses


Hoping for Happiness

We get to see many examples of people living a peaceful and comfortable life.. a life that we always wished for. We envy our friends when we find them enjoying moments that we always desired. Yes, I realize that they have their own problems and they are fighting with some other issues which I can’t see.
What is a comfortable lifestyle? Nice furnished apartment near by some beautiful beach, a luxurious car, Good job with handsome salary package and perks, Branded clothes & shoes, Foreign vacation trips and so on. Now If I ask define Happiness. You may have different answers. It might be your success in exam or a job promotion, a positive reply to a marriage proposal or news of first pregnancy.

At some point comfort and happiness overlap and share the same moments. Obviously I would be happy to lead a comfortable life. Or a comfortable lifestyle would cherish me with happiness. This is a typical situation that fits with a majority. A majority of normal people, who takes a degree, struggles for job stability, get married and have a smooth life (of course with usual life problems). Then there are people who are not normal like them. They follow the same life patterns, study, work, family, but they always get stuck for ages on each stage. In fact their struggle never come to an end even when they enter into next phase of life. Each day for them brings a great challenge than an opportunity. They are not always short of cash or family love. They do have friends and a lifestyle. They live a decent life and  participate in daily activities. But they have to fight for their survival. Their enemy is not an external force, ironically their own self, thoughts and emotions are their biggest enemy.

When they see their friends living a normal life with their spouses and kids, they ask God, what was their fault? why they were punished with such unrest? They studied well, they have good aptitude, they are equal to normal people in intelligence. Then why they can’t excel in career like others. They are sensitive and loving, and when they see others enjoying with loved ones, they look up at sky and think if they could ever get a loving and understanding life partner who would take them as they are.

This comfort and happiness is not available at any price in market. The feeling when you have everything and still empty from inside. When others envy you for what you have and you wish for a good night sleep without any pills.



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  2. I don’t feel anyone’s life is 100% perfect, but as a woman with a mental illness, I would be lying if I said I never struggle with envy. I really don’t care about being rich ot traveling. I simply envy people who can hold a full time job, support themselves, and still have time for family and interests. I have to struggle just to accomplish a few things every day, and I have no financial security whatever. But I still do the best I can to use my talents, enjoy some interests, and participate in my community.

    • Bibiana, I understand what you mean. We are often more sensitive than others, and comparing our lives don’t have to be resulting in jealousy always. It’s more like having a feeling of being less fortunate or deprived than those who are blessed (apparently). It happens when we see people better than us. Believe me, there are thousands or millions of people who are living worse life than us, and struggle even for food and bread.. sleep on footpaths. Wise people say, in order to be happy, look on people less fortunate than you. It will make you feel blessed for whatever you have. My next post is on the blessings of Bipolar. Do read and comment. and Keep smiling 🙂

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