Homosexuality and SEX – Yet another perspective !!


Gay doesn’t mean Ready-for-Sex

This is my first post on Homosexuality on this blog. I wanted to write about it before but was preoccupied with my bipolar mood fluctuations. By now, you must know I’m a bipolar Homosexual, living with two taboos in a conservative society where such people have to fight for their acceptance and rights. I don’t fall in this category because I didn’t disclose my identity. We are living in a modern world where we are exposed to changing values and perception shift. Disease like Bipolar or people belonging to different sexual orientations and preferences were always present in all times even in primitive societies as it’s about human biology and psychology. What keeps on changing is attitude of people who are subjects and objects of these taboos. Today, I see many non-profit organizations are working to raise awareness regarding mental illnesses and buying votes of sympathy for mental patients. Similarly modern societies are debating about gay rights and marriages equal to that of straight people.

Since, I could just read it on internet, I decided to write about these two things and to present my perspective, in this way created Bipolar Homosexuality (BPH).

I like to read about my disease and sexuality so that I could know myself better and at the same time express my learning and experiences to help others. There is a plenty of reading material and researches available online regarding Bipolar but unfortunately when I type keywords like Homosexuality and Gay, nude photos and dating sites appear more than the reading material. There are sites like American Psychological Association that have excellent reference material on Homosexuality.

Then there are a number of gay forums like Manjam that are more of Hook Up sites rather gay socializing. Forums like Gay Speak are doing well to provide socialization and emotional support to gay community.

It’s very unfortunate that being gay is often associated with Sex. I believe, Gay is as ‘normal’ as straight who eats, drinks, works, hang out and enjoys everything  like a straight man or woman. The only difference is about sexual preferences. Why can’t two gay men just meet over coffee or plan for a movie or dinner. Similarly, gay men can discuss a character from any book or they could even talk about politics. Why does being gay mean always-ready-for-bed. I heard gay people are more horny than straights. CRAP.

What made me write this article now is search for nice interesting boards on Pinterest I got interesting pins about Bipolar but when I put Homosexuality, nude photos appeared on my screen.

Food for thought: I just wonder if two gay men could share bed without having sex.



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  2. Well, well. Thanks for ratcheting up my awareness another notch of the interface between gay and bipolar and how the two are both taboo in our society. My husband and I have recently offered support to a man who’s out to himself and others as bipolar, is just now coming out as a gay man. The challenges are there, certainly, and its interesting to think of the space where they overlap.

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