Things Bipolar Should Be Doing !!


Expression often heals you

Here’s a list of things Bipolar should do to deal with illness:

1- You should First accept who you are.. and Don’t hate yourself to be BP

2- Do things you love like I found a great pleasure in Exercise and Cinema.

3- Meet with those who make you feel happy NOT those who make you aggressive

4- Avoid indulging into Argument with family or friends, at times a casual discussion or debate leads to a serious argument

5- Keep a journal with you and record your changing thoughts and mood swings. Also important situations that trigger your deep emotions

6- Don’t keep on thinking on the same issue for a long time.

7- Go for a Walk in evening

8- Meet new people, Try new Food, Travel. Exploring new things broaden your horizons

9- Change your room setting or at least desktop wallpaper

10- Listen soothing music

11- Expect less from People. Think You can make yourself happy and sad. No one else.

12- And most Importantly, EXPRESS yourself, I know its hard for a Bipolar to express his crazy views at times, so find some creative hobby like writing, painting or dancing for Self expressions. The more you keep thoughts n feelings inside, they keep killing ya..

13- Finally, VALUE YOURSELF, Take good care of yourself, diet, body, soul. We put extra effort to know our new date and make him/her happy. But we hardly get time to know our mind and behavior.


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