New Realization – You’re not alone !!


Ray of Hope awaits YOU beyond dark Clouds

Aah.. it’s a complete different realization.. a new feeling of relaxation and calmness.. you get more depress being in darkness where you just wish for a single ray of light to come and brighten your inner self.. you wish to get away with this suffocation.. with a feeling of helplessness.. when you feel all alone, and trapped and fail to find any way out.. then God lightens a candle of hope in your cave.. among many random thoughts of extreme negativity, there comes a positive thought to ‘change’ .. then brain asks what change, you have already changed a lot and people out there are unable to digest this change.. this is the time when you console yourself, build up your confidence by making yourself realize that You have Power to change yourself and make you a better peaceful person.. I believe there are just two powers in this world.. One is Positive energy that is God Almighty.. and other one is negative evil Satan.. when you’re depressed, left out, alone.. your heart fills up with all negative thoughts and you see no way to come out, then your faith in God supersedes this negative energy with a positive one called Hope. And things start emerging in front of your eyes which were there before as well but you were too occupied with the negative energy to see the positivism.

Knowing yourself is the best way to cure your problems.. I have learnt to not buy ideas from people (especially those that are directly or indirectly influencing my life and destiny) unless study them from different (neutral sources) and critically analyze them in the light of evidence. People get to say a lot.. and mostly they were repeating what they have already heard from others.. in the name of religion, norms, culture etc. It may not make any difference to the majority. But for some people, it’s the matter of life and death.. Any perception about a taboo may not be important for us but the same can make hell of the difference for the one who is a part of this practice.. s/he is the one who knows what is exactly meant by it and what exactly it is.. because s/he actually faces it all the life.

So, if you’re a part of a taboo, don’t judge yourself in the light of what others say or see it.. You are living in the blessed age of internet, make Google your buddy, and type only three to four words of your problem/question.. and read stuff or go to YouTube and watch videos.. You will find that your problem is not at all unique, thousands out there are also thinking on the same lines, you might not get a direct solution of your problem but at least, you would stop being alienated or paranoid. And believe me, it’s a great feeling to know you’re not alone.

Good bye..



  1. Good luck on any endeavor you have. On one video I got 30k hits and posted some others…. two years of monetized videos got me $16 in my google account…. “jus saying” 🙂 there are ways to make money through your writing…. you could get paid to be a speaker or express yourself in Ted Talks. Whatever arts you choose, I’m sincerely glad you recognized and materialize the writer in you. This has been the best information/sharing on bipolar and gay bipolars that I have seen on the net. I even sent the link to my doctor to share with other gay people who are diagnosed with bi polar. Blessings

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